Prada Cup Final Live

PRADA CUP RR2 – INEOS TEAM UK vs American Magic

INEOS TEAM UK win Race 1 of Round Robin 2

Round Robin 2 – Race 1
Start: 1655
Port: GBR
Stbd: USA
Course: combination between C&D
Axis: 211
Length: 1.58nm
Current: 0.4 knots @ 337

Wind: 8-12 knots / 220
Winner: INEOS TEAM UK 4:59

American Magic

As the sky opened up, the heating on the land showed hints of the ingredients for a sea breeze as the wind speed climbed slowly towards double figures. The wind direction had also changed slightly causing the race committee to delay the start of the race as they re-aligned the course axis. But once again, the rise in the wind speed was deceptive.

On the pre-start entry INEOS TEAM UK (GBR) were travelling at speed, fully in flight as they entered the zone at speed, on time and on port tack. They crossed their opponents American Magic (USA) with ease who appeared to have got their timing wrong, entering the zone too early and gaining a penalty as well. Even worse they came off their foils and struggled to get back up to speed.
With 30 sec to go, INEOS TEAM UK were at speed burning time on the right hand side of the pre-start area as they headed back towards the line and American Magic who were dead in the water.
Seconds later INEOS TEAM UK tacked onto port, crossed the start line and charged off on the upwind leg at speed leaving American Magic dead in the water.
One minute and 30 seconds later the British team were 500m ahead of American Magic. Seconds later it was 700m and growing.

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